Why going green is a smart business move

Since the detrimental impact of plastic on the environment came to light in 2017, homes and businesses have gone the extra mile to incorporate recycling into their daily life. Not only is reducing your company’s carbon footprint beneficial for the planet, but it’s also a sensible move that will increase your profit margins in the long run; here are three reasons why you need to make recycling a priority in your business plan:

1. Ethical consumers

Survey’s show that consumers are becoming much more aware of the products and services they invest in and 27% of consumers have chosen to boycott a company if they had poor environmental practices; this statistic has increased by 65% since 2016 and is only expected to keep rising. Failing to efficiently recycle is a mistake that can end up costing your company thousands in lost sales revenue, so find a reliable business waste company that can cater to all of your recycling needs.

2. Reduced business costs

As a business owner, you will always be looking for ways to cut costs and increase profit margins. Concentrating on your recycling programme is one great way to do this and becoming more aware of the environmental impact of your business waste decisions can actually save you money. Even the smallest business expenses can add up, so reducing office paper waste and recycling the rest can be really cost-effective.

Food waste is inevitable in any workplace, especially if you run a business in the food sector, but did you know food waste collection can be a profitable and eco-friendly solution? Food will take up space in your normal bins, which can force you to pay for unnecessary, extra waste collections, so it’s best to recycle it if you can.

3. A sustainable solution

Businesses need to think about the future and environmental changes are essential for companies hoping to grow and expand in the coming years. Profit margins aside, businesses need to be ethically aware of their impact on the planet and come up with a recycling programme that all staff members can easily adhere to.

For a greener solution to all of your business waste needs, contact a member of the ASL Environmental team to talk through your recycling options.

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