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Wheelie Bin Collection Services

ASL can provide a range of wheelie bins to suit your business needs – all the way from a standard 240 L bin to a large, four-wheeled 1100 L waste bin.

240 L Bin

The 240 L bin is the standard wheelie bin that you may have seen provided by local councils. Indeed, you most probably also have one of these outside of your home. This bin fits 2-4 sacks of waste, for low waste producers, this container is a good bet for keeping your costs down. ASL can provide this size of bin for:

  • General waste collection – Most suited to small businesses that produce little general waste on a day-to-day basis
  • Mixed recycling collection – Appropriate to businesses that produce little recycling waste but still require a recycling collection in place.
  • Glass collection – The standard size of a glass collection bin, due to the weight of this waste. ASL can collect this bin; daily, twice a week, weekly or fortnightly depending on your needs.
  • Food waste – Also the standard size for food waste due to its weight. ASL can also offer this collection at a frequency to suit you.

360 L Bin

A slightly larger wheelie bin, a 360 L is good for when you have slightly more waste than can fit in a standard bin. This container can fit around 4-5 bags of waste. These bins are also ideal if you need a more easily maneuverable bin than the larger 660l bin, with many businesses opting to get one or more of these if storage space is tight.

These bins are suitable for:

  • General waste collection – Perfect for a business producing slightly more waste, we can offer this collection weekly or fortnightly.
  • Recycling collection – Ideal for businesses that have more recycling waste than would fit in a standard wheelie bin, or want to be able to go longer between collections, we can offer this collection weekly or fortnightly.

660 L Bin

The first of the bin sizes available on four wheels, this container is a lot larger than the 360 L and can fit 10-12 bags of rubbish between collections. Made of plastic or metal and with a strong lid, that can be lockable, this bin is ideal for businesses producing a larger amount of waste. ASL can offer this container for:

  • General Waste – Perfect for mixed waste, this container can fit a large amount of business waste for the week or fortnight. We can also arrange a more regular collection of this container if needed.
  • Mixed recycling – We can also offer this bin for a mixed recycling collection, in which you can include a mixture of paper, cardboard, plastic and cans. When we receive your mixed recycling, we will separate and take to the appropriate recycling plant. This service can be done multiple times a week, weekly or fortnightly.

1100 L bin

The biggest type of standard commercial waste bin available, the 1100l bin fits 15-18 sacks of waste between collections. This container is perfect for businesses producing a large amount of general or recycling waste and offers a strong, lockable frame for your waste storage consecutive collections.This container can be provided by ASL for the following waste streams:

  • General waste – For businesses producing a large amount of general waste, the 1100 L bin is the ideal choice. It allows for the disposal of a big quantity of general waste regularly and comes with the highest weight limit. It can be collected at a frequency to suit you.
  • Mixed recycling – Perfect for a business seeking to maximize its recycling capability or seeking to have one general, rather than separate bins for paper, plastic and can recyclables. This bin is also available on a bi-weekly, weekly and fortnightly basis.

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