The World’s youngest recycling mogul? -7 year old Ryan runs his own recycling business

In honour of Earth Day (22nd April), ASL has decided to write about a boy who embarrasses us all! Aged just seven years old Ryan Hickman, of Orange County, California in the USA, runs his own recycling firm.

The idea for Ryan’s business started when he was just three years old according to his parents. When his Dad took him to the local recycling plant, Ryan announced that he wanted to start collecting his neighbours recyclables to do more for the planet. Since then, Ryan has collected his neighbours cans and bottles in bags, taking them to a recycling plant regularly. The main aim of his business, he commented last year, was to ‘save up for a recycling truck’ and he has earned over £13,000 through his business.

Since then Ryan has appeared on the Ellen Show, where he received a $10,000 cheque and his own battery-powered truck. His business is also continuing to go from strength-to-strength, as he has over 50 customers and has dealt with over 200,000 bottles and cans. He hopes to continue expanding his business until he goes to university.

However, Ryan has not stopped there, his most recent collection  was one of his most profitable yet. He earnt $331 and took three loads of recycling to the local centre. Using his newly-found fame, Ryan has also started a line of T-shirts, which feature his company, ‘Ryan’s Recycling’, logo. All of the funds for these T-shirts, Ryan has announced, will go to a charity for marine animals. This was decided after Ryan became concerned with the amount of waste going into our oceans and that animals could become stuck in plastic packaging. He has raised almost £3,000 for the charity so far.

I think we all have a lesson to learn from this young man about recycling!

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