The marketing benefits of recycling for small businesses

The benefits of recycling are well known by this point, and they apply whether the recycling is being done by a private household or a small/large business. What is less well known however is that for small businesses, going to the extra effort of recycling has tangible benefits when it comes to building your brand image.

Customers care when you care

Customers always respond to a business that makes a perceived effort to make the world a better place. No matter what you do, as long as you show you’re making an effort then people will respond positively to you, and they’ll be far more likely to develop a sense of brand loyalty.

Much attention is currently being placed on how businesses approach their energy and packaging usage, with customers often favouring brands that are seen to be doing what they can to reduce the impact they’re having on the environment, either through recycled packaging or energy saving measures.

Brand loyalty can’t be bought

That kind of appreciation for your brand is a “money no object” resource, in as much as you cannot buy it regardless of the size of your budget. A small business puts itself at a considerable commercial advantage when it’s seen to be taking a responsible and practical attitude towards recycling.

When you’re first introducing your business to the market, you want to make sure that the best possible impression of your business is clear from the outset. Not only does this encourage your immediate growth, but it also gives you a firm foothold from which to develop.

It says a lot about you

Recycling obviously says a lot about where your priorities are in terms of the way humans live our lives and how we should be mindful of our use of resources, but recycling also tells potential customers a lot about what your business is actually like.

For example, implementing recycling policies takes a considerate, thoughtful, and conscientious attitude. If you’ve demonstrated that already, it’s natural for customers to assume that will apply in the way your business operates, which means better customer experience.


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