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ASL are well aware that recycling, although environmentally-friendly, can often seem like a hassle. That is why we offer low-cost, quick and simple mixed-recycling collections. Recycling with us will save you money and time, comply with environmental regulations and keep your business eco-friendly.

Why should I set up a recycling collection for my business?

Recycling your waste is not only good for the environment, it has hidden benefits. Although recycling reduces your companies' effect on the planet through sending less waste to landfill  and serves to conserve resources and reduce emissions, it can also have considerable extra benefits for you and your business.


Setting up a collection for your dry mixed recyclables  can often be cheaper than having them collected as part of a standard general waste collection. This is because the process of recycling is cheaper than sending products to landfill and melting down products to re-shape them is more affordable than producing new products themselves. In addition to this, dry recyclable material is often much lighter than general waste. This means that more recycling can be collected by a single vehicle than can be collected for general waste, making its collection more efficient. All of these savings can be passed on to the customer, meaning recycling more often equals more cost-effective collections for you.

Good for your corporate image 

Recycling is increasingly seen as a necessary component of good business practice, with customers and potential partners seeing a business that recycles as a business that is socially-responsible, and thus desirable to work with or buy from. 

Increase efficiency 

Setting up a separate collection for your recycling may also serve to increase the efficiency of your business, as you will have a dedicated collection in place, if for example, you produce a large amount of a certain recyclate, rather than having to arrange a one-off disposal.

Meeting legal requirements 

A recycling collection will also help you to meet any legal obligations your business may have. This means you will avoid any fines, penalties or council charges as you will have a certified waste collection in place.

What happens to my mixed recycling?

When we collect your mixed recycling, we will take all of your paper, cardboard, plastics and cans to a facility local to The South West, where firstly the different types of waste will be sorted into their respective waste groups.

For paper waste, it is firstly graded into different categories. It is then cleaned, with any ink or debris removed and mixed with water to create 'slurry' (much like as described on our specialist cardboard recycling page). It is at this stage that additional materials can be added to create cardboard. However, for standard paper, the slurry is just spread into giant, incredibly thin sheets. Finally, it is sliced up to create the paper we know.  

Metal recycling also is graded and sorted into different groups. For standard cans, which are usually made of aluminum, the metal is cleaned and treated before being melted down. Once melted, any ink or dye that was on the metal can be removed from the pure aluminium. This aluminium is solidified into large chunks of metal, which are known as ingots. When stretched and rolled out, these ingots provide the metal that can then be turned into cans once again.

Plastic recycling is a little more complicated. There are over fifty different types of plastic that are in every day use. The standard process for plastics is that they are cleaned, before being sorted into different colours. These different colour groups are then melted, and turned into plastic pellets. These pellets can be reshaped to form all different types of plastic goods.

What can I put in my mixed recycling container?

In your mixed-recycling container, you can include anything that is known by people in the business as 'Dry Mixed Recyclables' (DMR for short).

This includes:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastics, including ; plastic bottles, tubs, containers, cling film.
  • Cans

How will my mixed recycling collection with ASL work?

As industry experts in recycling, ASL Environmental will ensure that your recycling collection is simple, efficient and easy. Once you have contacted us for a quotation, one of our recycling consultants will advise you on the best container and collection frequency for your needs completely free of charge and with no obligation. We can offer small, standard wheelie bin collection, right the way up to a large, 14yd skip and a frequency of collections bespoke to you. When you choose to work with ASL, you and your consultant will then agree on a collection service for your recyclables tailored to your requirements. Your waste container will then be delivered, and our specialist waste experts will collect your waste promptly at each collection interval.


To get a quote for your mixed-recyclable collection, or to discuss your requirements, click on the button below or call us on 01179642652 to speak to a member of our expert team. 



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