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General Waste collections to suit you

 ASL understands that there are some things that cannot be recycled or used again, your general waste may contain products that are difficult for you to separate out yourself. That is why ASL makes it our priority to provide all businesses in the South West with an accessible, affordable and easy general waste collection, whilst keeping our collections as environmentally-friendly as possible. 

What happens to my general waste when you collect it?

The Environmental Protection regulation of 1990 requires businesses to seek to be as environmentally conscious as possible in the disposal of their waste, however at ASL we seek to go one step further in safeguarding the environment when disposing of your waste. We strive to keep the waste that we send to landfill at an absolute minimum, and as such before your general waste is sent for further processing, our specialist operators will check your waste for any recyclables that you may have missed. Following this, we will send the maximum amount of your waste to processing plants  in order to turn it into electricity. This way, we dramatically reduce the waste that actually ends up in landfill.

What services can ASL Environmental provide for general waste?

Scheduled bin collections

Rubbish, every business produces it, every business needs to get rid of it. Despite this, ASL understands that setting up a refuse collection for your general waste may seem complicated. That’s why we will provide you with a safe, legal and minimum-disruption  scheduled collection service for your waste, with no hidden costs.

When you set up scheduled general waste collection with us you will receive:

Free container - no charge for bin rental 

The Duty of Care Certification  - legal documentation needed for the council to prove you are using a licensed waste carrier

Free & fast delivery of your bin - Maximum of 7-10 working days for service set-up

Low cost collections - (save up to 30% against other providers)

We also know that concerning yourself with waste management may not be your most important priority, that is why we can collect your bin at a frequency that is best for you, be that twice a week, weekly or fortnightly.

Furthermore, we will seek to stick to collection times that suit you and offer 7-day collections across Bristol and Bath, need it to be before 4pm so you can go and get the kids from school? No problem.

What container do I need for my regular bin collection?

ASL knows that businesses  produce different volumes of waste and so we offer containers to suit all customers, all at a competitive price.

Container types

240 L Bin - This bin is the standard wheelie bin you will be used to and it will fit two to four standard black rubbish sacks.

360 L Bin - This is a slightly larger wheelie bin. You will be able to fit four to six rubbish sacks in this size of container.

660 L Bin - This bin is the first size of bin available on four wheels, and will be made of metal or plastic, with a lid. This bin can also come with a lock. It fits up to ten sacks of rubbish.

1100 L Bin - This bin is the biggest commercial waste bin on four wheels. Also made of metal or plastic, this bin will fit ten to fifteen sacks of rubbish.

Does ASL provide one-off collection services?

One-off collections 

ASL Environmental can also provide you with a one off collection of waste if you are located anywhere in The South West. To schedule a one-off collection, call or message our waste specialists, who will assess your needs and  provide you with a no-obligation, free quotation for one-off removal.

Sound Good? Call us today on  0117 964 2652  or click on the link below to request a quick and easy consultation for your general waste collection needs!

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General Waste Statistics

Cutting down the waste that goes into landfill and upping the amount that is recycled is the central mission of ASL Environmental. To the left, you can see the percentage of our general waste collections we currently have diverted from landfill into more sustainable disposal practices.


Percentage of our general waste avoiding landfill 76%

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