Food Waste Collection

Efficient, Low-cost Food waste collections

Our food waste collections aim to recycle food waste in a forward-thinking way, whilst keeping costs low for the customer all across Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire. With our socially-responsible disposal of food, last month’s leftovers could be this week’s lighting.

What happens to my food waste?

When you choose to have your food waste collected with us, rather than being taken to landfill or incinerated, our drivers will take the waste to anaerobic digestion plants located locally, most likely in Bristol or Bath. Once at these plants, it will be sealed into an oxygen free container where it will produce biogas that can be used as a  low carbon and low cost source of fuel for power stations across Europe. Any residual waste, is then composted and used as biofertiliser, which increases crop yields across field's nationwide whilst also recycling essential nutrients back into the earth.

 What food waste do you collect?

  • Out of date or damaged food stock from supermarkets, grocery stores or independents
  • Leftover food waste or food scraps  from restaurants, canteens, cafe's and bars
  • Food waste by-products from industrial production 
  • Brewery waste and by-products

With so much unnecessary food waste produced across the UK, we at ASL make it our mission to dispose of this waste in a socially conscious way. This means no matter your quantity or food waste type, our team will work to provide you with a solution that means this waste will be taken and re-used to create power across the UK and Europe. 

How do you collect my food waste?

To deal with your food waste, our consultants will offer you advice on how best to dispose of your food waste and will seek to provide a collection frequency and container to suit you and your business.

With regular scheduled collection routes around Bath, Bristol and Weston-Super-Mare as well as the surrounding areas, we can adapt our collections to suit your needs, be that once a week, twice a week or fortnightly. 

To hear more about our food collection capabilities and to get a quote click on the link below or call our food waste experts on 0117 964 2652.

Food Waste Statistics

100% of our food waste is taken to anaerobic digestion plants to be turned into biogas and biofertilizer. We won't waste such a valuable resource. 


Food Waste 100%

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