Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard Recycling solutions 

We know that some businesses produce a lot of cardboard waste, and so we offer specific, single stream cardboard collections to increase your business efficiency, minimize your environmental impact and keep your costs as low as possible.

Why should I separate my cardboard waste?

Cardboard is a readily and easily recyclable material. Having already been processed from trees once, this procedure is simple and low-cost to repeat. This means that cardboard recycling offers all of the benefits of traditional recycling for the planet (reduced carbon emissions due to decreased energy used in production), adheres to government regulations enforced by the local councils of Bath, Bristol and Weston Super Mare and provides a financial incentive for you and your business, as clean and dry cardboard can be sold for a profit due to it's high demand by recycling plants.

Who might benefit from a paper and cardboard only collection?

  • Printers
  • Businesses using a large amount of packaging or boxes e.g. delivery companies 
  • Food establishments e.g. fast food stores or restaurants
  • Shopping centres
  • Factories
  • Offices
  • Shops

What happens to my cardboard waste when it is recycled?

There is no need to drop off your cardboard with ASL, instead it will be collected by ASL on a dedicated, reliable pick-up scheduled by you, where it will go to a local recycling depot in Bristol, Bath or the surrounding areas to be baled (unless you have your own baler on-site).

It is then taken to a certified mill where it is finely shredded and mixed with water and assorted chemicals to turn it into a pulp. The pulped material is then de-inked and checked for any non-pulp substances, for example metal staples, which are removed.

Once this is done, the pulp is spread out on a large, flat conveyor belt where it is heated and dried, this conveyor passing through a machine that also squeezes out any excess water.

This leads to the formation of long, flat and incredibly thin rolls of solid sheet called linerboards.

When many of these linerboards are stuck together in layers, the cardboard we are familiar with is formed.

What is the most efficient way to dispose of my cardboard waste?

Our consultants are on hand to advise you on the most effective solution for your cardboard collection needs, with ASL offering on-site balers, skips and large wastebins for more substantial amounts of cardboard waste and specific cardboard bins for smaller cardboard collections.

Call us now o0117 964 2652 to request a free, zero obligation consultation on how to deal with your cardboard waste or click on the button below to request a free quotation.

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