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Hiring a Roll-on-Roll-off (RoRo) skip for your business is simple, easy and affordable with ASL. We are aware that Roll-on-Roll-offs are a big expenditure for businesses, that is why we aim to keep our costs as low as possible.


What is a Roll-on-Roll-off skip?

The biggest types of skips available, RoRo skips are for large waste haulage needs, with capacities ranging from 15 yards up to 40 yards. These skips are ideally suited for clients who have a lot of commercial waste that they need to dispose of in one go.


What sizes of Roll-on-Roll-Off do ASL offer customers in The South West?

15 yard RoRo - The smallest type of Roll-on-Roll-Off we offer. This container is ideal for shop refurbishment or smaller building sites, and can fit around 180 black bin bags of waste.

20 yard RoRo - This Roll-on-Roll-Off is perfect for clients who need a slightly larger capacity. This container can fit over 200 bags of waste.

25 yard RoRo - Ideal and popular on building sites and commercial sites, this skip will fit up to 300 bags of refuse.

30 yard RoRo - These containers hold a vast amount of waste and are perfect for businesses that are producing a lot of waste and who have a large amount of space available for their placement, and will fit around 350 bags.

40 yard RoRo - The biggest container available commercially. Suited for clients with expansive waste collection needs.


Will I require a permit?

If you are placing your skip on private land, you will not need a permit. However, if you are placing the skip on public land, you will require a permit. ASL are happy to help with any permit inquiries you may have.


What waste can I put in a Roll-on-Roll-off?

Roll-on-Roll-off's can be used for :

General waste

Builders waste (such as rubble, concrete and dust)

Trade waste

Lidded containers can also be provided if this is necessary for your waste stream.


How long will it take for my RoRo to be delivered?

ASL seeks to provide quick delivery of Roll-on-Roll-off containers across The South Waste of England. Our experts will seek to deliver your container within 7-1o working days of your request.

To speak to one of our expert advisers to discuss the hire of a Roll-on-Roll-Off, follow the link below to fill out our quick and easy quote request form. Alternatively,  call us on 0117 964 2652.





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Roll-On-Off Waste Containers

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