Reduce, reuse, recycle: everyday ways to reduce your waste

We all know that reducing the amount of waste we produce is something that helps the environment – but did you know there are plenty of ways you can take what might be thrown away and turn it into something amazing? Keep reading to find out some smart ways you can rethink your waste and turn it into an opportunity.

– Food waste. Lots of people struggle with knowing what to do with their leftovers, or food about to expire. A good step to reducing the food that ends up in your wheelie bin is to meal plan.

Buy only what you need and think of ways you can use up leftover items. Leafy greens like spinach, kale and broccoli freeze well, as do herbs, and even cheese. Leftover chicken from your roast can become a soup, a curry, or even fajitas. You could try batch cooking if you need to use up ingredients in a hurry – a big pasta bake or casserole can feed a family or be portioned up for lunches.

– Clothing waste. Some clothes have seen just a bit too much wear to go to the charity shop, but that doesn’t mean they need to end up at the landfill, upcycling your clothes is easier than you think. Why not try making cushion covers or sewing patches on a denim jacket. More advanced with the needle and thread? Patchwork yourself a one-of-a-kind blanket or even sew a classic rag rug for a retro vibe.

– Glass waste. If you’re looking for storage solutions, you can’t go wrong with a glass jar; screw top jars can be practical and trendy looking. Easy to paint, wrap in paper, or even engrave if you’ve got the right kit, a simple jam jar can be transformed into a DIY solution for all kinds of storage – from food or jewellery to screws, nails or paintbrushes!

Glass bottles, especially uniquely shaped ones, are a shame to throw away. Try filling them with a string of battery operated fairy lights for a fun way to light up a room – look for rechargeable batteries too to help reduce waste.


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