Problems with incorrect e-waste disposal

The only way to truly grasp the urge to use the services of companies that are involved in re-using and recycling electronic gadgets, such as mobile phones, laptops, and MP3 players, is to fully understand the problem with incorrect disposal of e-waste. Keeping that in mind, in this post, we are going to take a look at the main problems with electronic waste.

Electronic products leak dangerous compounds

Electronic products are filled with chemical compounds, semi-metals, and heavy metals, all of which can leak into the ground and become hazardous when disposed of incorrectly. This includes the likes of nickel, barium, copper, mercury, and lead. In small doses, this is not a problem, but when so much e-waste is being disposed of, it causes a big risk for those nearby – the people, the environment, and the animals.

We are throwing away precious metal

From silver and gold to copper and palladium, there are many different precious metals that can be found in electronic gadgets, which could be melted and reused; yet we are simply throwing them away.

It’s being dumped on developing nations

E-waste is a global business, which means that roughly 70 to 80 per cent of electronic waste is shipped to developing nations and is filling up their landfills. This is causing severe harm to the environment and the people who live there, especially those who dismantle these items so they can earn a living. By reusing or recycling e-waste, we can prevent this.

Landfill pollution

E-waste takes an extremely long time to biodegrade. This means that it is going to be taking up landfill space for years and years. This problem becomes even worse when you consider the rate at which electronic waste is predicted to increase over the coming period.

Health issues

As briefly touched upon above, electronic gadgets can cause serious health damage. Take beryllium for example. This is a heavy metal that is found in mobile phones – it is toxic and can cause severe lung damage.

We are wasting energy

Did you know that recycling one million laptops saves the equivalent amount of energy used by approximately 3,600 homes on a yearly basis?

We are inhibiting communities

Finally, there are many people that could find a use for the functional gadgets we are throwing away. You could help an underprivileged family by donating your mobile phone to them as opposed to throwing it in the bin.

As you can see, incorrect e-waste disposal causes a number of problems. We always aim to reuse and recycle such products whenever we can. Contact us today for more information.


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