Glass – Everything you need to know about recycling

Today we are all being encouraged to recycle most of our household and business waste. In an ideal world, we would be able to recycle everything that we use, including plastics, glass, paper and all packaging. When it comes to recycling glass, then the news is extremely positive, as glass is very easy to recycle. However, the UK is severely lagging behind other countries when it comes to recycling glass, as we only recycle 50 percent of our glass bottles and jars, as opposed to the 90 percent that is recycled by Finland.

What businesses and households need to do

We all need to make an effort to recycle all of our container glass, so those glass jars and bottles. Rinse them out and place them in bottle banks or in recycling boxes. Businesses, such as pubs and restaurants need to recycle all of their glass bottles. At the moment these businesses dispose of a staggering 200,000 tonnes of glass that end up in landfill. This simply needs to change.

How is glass recycled?

Recycling glass is very easy. To begin with, it is crushed and any contaminants are removed. The glass can then be coloured if needed. Then, the glass is either melted or blown to form new jars or bottles. Glass is one hundred percent recyclable and can be recycled again and again.

Impact on the environment

When new glass is made it has a negative impact upon the environment. Glass is made from soda ash, sand and limestone. Acquiring these types of materials causes damage to the natural landscape, while using lots of energy in the process. Recycling the glass that is already available to us not only conserves much-needed fossil fuels but also cuts down on harmful greenhouse gases.

What are the different types of glass?

The most popular type is the soda-limestone-silica based glass. This is used for everyday items such as bottles and jars. Borosilicate glass is heat resistant and is used for making Pyrex cooking dishes. Glass fibre is used for fibre optic cables. It’s important that different types of glass are recycled separately.

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