4 great tips to encourage staff to recycle

As a responsible and modern business, you will know how important recycling is. From paper to plastic bottles and cardboard, engaging in effective recycling where possible will help cut the amount you send to landfill. This is not only much better for the environment but also better for your brand. Many consumers will only engage with companies who behave ethically in this area and meet their green responsibilities.

One major challenge for all businesses here is getting all staff on-board. You may put in place a robust recycling policy but if your staff ignore it then nothing will change. Here are some great tips to encourage staff to recycle more and waste less.

Education is key

It may seem far-fetched but some staff members may not know how vital recycling is and what a positive impact it can have on the planet. Even if they do know this, they may be confused as to what they can recycle and how to go about it. Make sure to provide relevant information to all staff to solve this issue and encourage everyone to get involved.

Get rid of individual waste bins

Not everything can be recycled at present and there will be times when a general waste bin is needed. However, it is much better to provide a central one next to your recycling bins, rather than people having their own individual ones. If staff have a general waste bin by their desk, they are much more likely to forget about recycling and dump everything into that.

Put the infrastructure in place

The subject of having the right number of bins for the various recycling categories is key. Having the right bins in convenient locations will mean staff have easy access to recycle effectively. Part of your recycling efforts with staff must include giving them the tools in the right places to do their bit.

Send regular reminders

While you do not want to continually nag staff about recycling, a gentle reminder now and then can be wise. After your recycling plan has been in place a while, it is easy for staff to fall back into old habits when it gets busy. An e-mail reminder does wonders to keep them on track.

Let ASL Environmental help with Bristol waste management

Of course, once your staff have done their bit then you need to arrange for your waste to be collected and dealt with properly. Here at ASL Environmental, we provide effective recycling and waste management collection services across the South-West. Give us a call today to find out more.


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