3 ways to increase recycling rates for businesses.

The need to conserve the environment is not something new. However, employers still need to increase their efforts to get the employees recycling and disposing of waste appropriately. Here are 3 effective ways to help enhance waste disposal and recycling at the office.

1. Offer incentives

While recycling is a personal responsibility, incentives can help in increasing waste disposal and recycling. You can offer simple incentives such as allowances, awards, and trophies to increase recycling rates at the office. According to one study done by Greenredeem, offering incentives can increase recycling rates by up to 20 percent. This is to show that people are willing to recycle when they have something to gain.

2. Educate your staff

In some cases, people do not care about the environment and nature due to lack of knowledge. You can create programs to help educate your staff members about the importance of recycling and responsible waste disposal. According to Bristol waste management, people must be educated on how to recycle appropriately. Appropriate recycling ensures that the waste being recycled does not cause more harm to the environment. To help enhance waste collection and recycling, create educational events where all the staff members are taught about the importance of recycling and effective ways to recycle.

3.Supply bigger and visible bins

The size and visibility of waste bins play an important role in the collection of waste and recycling. Several cities have managed to increase recycling rates by providing large separate recycling bins. Rochford is the leading city in waste recycling in England. The city council attributes its success to the use of bigger bins outside homes. There are several cities that have successfully used larger bins to enhance recycling. The same efforts have been used to enhance glass recycling Bristol. Bristol city waste management uses different bins to ensure that recycling waste is made easier and possible.

The use of bigger and visible bins can be effective in the workplace too. Provide bins that are big and visible within the work premises and offer clear instructions on the bins.

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