3 ways that pubs and restaurants can benefit from recycling

Christmas is over and the New Year has begun, but like many food businesses you might have a stash of debris from the holiday season stacked up in your dining facility. Perhaps you’re a busy pub with an overflowing back room filled with empty bottles, or a large restaurant with stacks of cardboard shipping boxes and rotting bins that have to go. It’s tempting to just ignore these waste products, but it will help the environment and your business model if you opt for a sustainable recycling programme.

Make room for more inventory

Without a regular recycling protocol, it’s easy for pubs and bars to become cluttered with used glass bottles. Whether it’s wine, beer, or even soft drinks, there’s a never-ending stream of glassware that ends up tossed into large crates for staff to stumble over as they attend to your customers. With an efficient glass recycling system, you can relax in the knowledge that your bottles are collected and disposed of in the most efficient and ethical manner. With a newly decluttered workspace, you will be able to better assess your stock levels and ensure that your business is running as seamlessly as possible.

Engage with the community

In addition to recycling food waste with a composting system, restaurants and food shops have the option of donating unused food before it reaches that stage. Your company can partner with a local charity or food bank to ensure that as little uneaten food and drink goes into any kind of bin. This option not only provides a helpful benefit to people and institutions in your area but also shows your customers that your business is a thoughtful and ethical one that contributes to the community.

Improve your space and sanitation

There’s nothing more off-putting to diners in a big city than stacks of overflowing wheelie bins filled with uneaten food and packaging. Not only is it smelly, but it also attracts vermin that can make their way into your premises if you’re not careful. With a comprehensive food waste recycling programme, your business can ensure that it’s separating organic matter into containers for regular collection. This will make your inside and outside commercial space much more fragrant, sanitary, and organised.

These are just some of the ways in which recycling can benefit your business model, contact ASL Environmental today to hear more about the wide range of recycling options that are available.


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