3 things you didn’t know about recycling, but really should!

Recycling is a common buzzword, used around offices and business with increasing frequency. Most businesses are also using recycling, and other similar concepts such as sustainability and waste management, within their marketing and promotional adverts, to let consumers know the company cares about their corporate social responsibilities. Here are a few facts that will help bring recycling and businesses’ attempts to increase their sustainability into context.

1. Recycling glass can be tricky, but you should still try and do it

Glass is one of the most tricky items to recycle properly due to the energy required to fully repurpose it. In some American cities, including Santa Fe, local governments have stopped picking up glass from recycling bins as it is still cheaper to make new glass than recycle old bottles. However, despite the costs, it still takes 30% less energy and 50% less total pollutants to recycle glass than it does to create new glass, so it is always worth recycling it.

2. Recycling really does save energy

For the most part, making products from recycled materials saves approximately 50% of the energy associated with creating the products from the raw materials. While this is just an average figure, with the total savings for plastic being far higher and those for paper being lower, it still shows that recycling really does make a difference. One of the best savers of energy is aluminium cans, which require 95% less energy to be recycled than to be manufactured from scratch – the greenhouse gas emissions saved equate to taking 900,000 cars off the road for a year.

3. Recycling bins are the best way to help recycling efforts

For both domestic households and private businesses, recycling bins are a great way of helping the environment. Needing very little behavioural change on the part of individuals, but helping to save large amounts of work at the other end of the logistical line, separating your products into recyclables and non-recyclables really does benefit the environment, despite what the nay-sayers might try and convince you.

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