3 benefits of recycling for small businesses

It should be obvious by now the ecological, moral, and personal benefits that come from recycling. But if that weren’t enough of a reason for small businesses to do it, there are actually a number of other more practical benefits that come as a result of recycling. Here are three.

Lower waste management costs

Businesses generally have to pay something towards their waste management services, and if you’re a small or recently started business this cost can be a considerable portion of your cash flow. Recycling will allow you to offset this cost by creating less waste.

Invest the time and effort into tracking what goes into your recycling bin over your regular wheelie bin, and contact your waste management provider with the evidence of what you’re doing. It may stand you in good stead for negotiating a more agreeable fee for their services.

Make savings when buying new

Recycling offers you an excellent way to offset a portion of the cost of new purchases you may need to make. Many stores, for example, will take items such as old computers, printers/scanners, and other miscellaneous office equipment and provide a small discount against a new purchase.

Similarly, this applies to a wide range of common office consumables. Batteries and ink cartridges are items that can often be recycled or reused, so many retailers will either provide a small fee for them or give you some money off new items when a certain amount has been recycled. Check with your local retailers to learn more about such offers.

Marketing and brand opportunities

Recycling is beyond important by this point in time, it’s essential. Businesses that go out of their way to do things that are good for the environment, or at least to minimise the impact that they have, always benefit from warm appreciation from customers.

Don’t be shy, but also don’t be boastful. Make it clear to your customers as a part of your regular marketing material that you’re placing a concerted effort into developing or improving a recycling program and you will find your brand appeal grows instantly and consistently.

Photo: recycle by h-melk licensed under Creative commons 2

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